And they shall call that beer Spartacus.

Spartacus, a big (75 lbs) ol’ goat who was disqualified last year because his handler screwed up, raced to a photo finish win at today’s Sly Fox Bock Fest & Goat Races and earned the right for the 2014 Maibock to bear his name. Since this is the first time in four years that a ruminant with all four legs has taken the crown, let’s all hope that the wave of goat amputations which have swept the region will now stop.

I didn’t stay around to stand in line to try the Spartacus Maibock but will get me some this week. Meanwhile, conversations with several knowledgeable folks (and Dan Bengel too) and my own re-experience (i.e., I had two pints) pretty much solidified the opinion of the cognoscenti that this year’s Helles Bock is most definitely a “don’t miss this one” beer. As luck my good judgement and preparation would have it, I happen to have a growler of same right here by the desk so it’s all good.

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