Fifteen years ago tomorrow (almost)

What with tomorrow being the only Friday the 13th this year and thus reducing one of the area’s most popular beer events to a single appearance, I jumped into the archives and came up with a posting from the original Liquid Diet blog (handmade which I guess made it artisanal, right?) on August 13, 1999 to see what I had to say about it back when we all were young and brave and like that.

It begins like this…

There was a guy from Oregon at the bar. Amidst all the sweaty, happy folks jammed into the Grey Lodge Pub last week for the one and only Friday the Firkinteenth of 1999 was a traveler from the other side of the country. He’d learned of the event while trolling in the internet, he said, and since he was going to be in Philadelphia on business and was a fan of good beers and good beer people, he thought he’d drop by.

Think about that. The Grey Lodge Pub is nestled unobtrusively in the middle of the 6200 block of Frankford Avenue in the Wissinoming section of the city. The pub is a stone’s throw or so away from the Tacony Palymra Bridge, which accounts for a goodly number of regulars who desperately seek respite from the Southern New Jersey wastelands, but this is not a place that draws its clientele from center city and all ‘round the town. I suspect there are people in downtown Philadelphia who would have no idea how to find the Grey Lodge. Hell, I’ll bet there are Main Liners reading these words who couldn’t find Frankford Avenue.

Chalk it up to the power of the internet as a marketing tool and the skills of owner Mike Scotese….

Read the rest here.

How cute was it that I was way in awe of somebody learning about a beer event on the internets?

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