Tony Magee is rapidly becoming my favorite brewer in the entire industry. For many reasons. This is one of them.

From today’s Craft Business Daily:

On the eve of Lagunitas Chicago’s official taproom opening, reportedly slated for this week, founder Tony Magee told the Sun-Times a little about the Windy City brewery’s inception. From the start, Tony said, they refused handouts.

When City officials started to offer potential financial incentives, Tony wanted none of it. What he did want was an expedited opening process; the City could save taxpayer dollars for potholes.

“You start realizing you make the world around you by the decisions you make as you move through it and if I don’t feel like the government should be looted [or] whored out for businesses … we don’t need it … so why ask for it?” Tony told the paper. “I’d rather they have more midnight basketball and fill potholes. Don’t give it to me.”

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