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Republic Brewing? Philly Beer Scene magazine? Both are on the way or I’m the victim of the greatest double-barreled April Fool’s joke ever.

Wow, things are really popping today. These are not April Fool jokes, folks. There’s a new brewery opening in the ‘burbs next fall: Republic Brewing Company as the new brewery will be called is to open by November of 2009. … Continue reading

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Stephen Beaumont on “Beer Style Creep.”

Stephen Beaumont put up a great post yesterday on his new blog. The blog is theoretically only temporary but I’ll bet, like most of us, he’ll find blogging too convenient and easy and fast to turn back. Or maybe not. … Continue reading

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Barleycorn Archives: Weyerbacher 1999

[This story appeared in print in the February 1999 issue of Barleycorn] GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN IN EASTON Weyerbacher Brewing’s reputation has been built by brewer Dan Weirback doing it his way By Jack Curtin By  some standards, Dan Weirback … Continue reading

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Barleycorn Archives: Yuengling 1998

[This article ran in the June/July 1998 issue of Barleycorn] YUENGLING TO BUILD NEW BREWERY $5O Million Plant in Saint Clair Will Triple Capacity by Jack Curtin After all the ceremonies were over and all the politicians had had their … Continue reading

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American Brewer Archives: Culture? We Got Your Culture Right Here

[This story appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of American Brewer] CULTURE? WE GOT YOUR CULTURE RIGHT HERE Philadelphia’s Colonial beer heritage is embodied in the neighborhood taverns which help define the nation’s most in-your-face city and its citizens By … Continue reading

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Brewspapers galore.

Celebrator Beer News, Mid-Atlantic Brewing News and Ale Street News are now all on the shelves at your favorite beer venues on their bi-monthly schedules. You’d think that one of them would shift back or forward one month to get … Continue reading

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We definitely impressed Rick Sellers this year.

Rick is “beer director” for Draft Magazine and on his online 2008 Beer Awards list, he selects Philly Beer Week as the nation’s Top Beer Event, Philadelphia as the nation’s Top Beer-drinking City and Pennsylvania as the nation’s third best … Continue reading

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Stan’s got it right. This is embarrassing. And sadly predictable.

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My Saturday. Surprise, it involved beer.

I took my first steps inside a barroom yesterday, meeting Don “Joe Sixpack” Russell at Sly Fox Phoenixville for a bit of business. He was late and I was early, so this marked my first beer consumption outside the house … Continue reading

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Dead tree alert. Don’t miss this.

Last night I read the page proofs for the forthcoming issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, out at the end of the month or early October, and there is a story–well, opinion column is more accurate, I guess–in there called Rating … Continue reading

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