I drink no cider,
but feast on
Philadelphia beer.

--John Adams,
in a letter to his wife Abigail

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24 September 2006
Lost my Mojo.
Apologies, I guess. The last couple of weeks, I've had no motivation to post anything. So I didn't. And, listen, don't take it personally. A lot of serious (i.e., for pay) work has lagged as well, and catching is going to make my life a living hell when I get back from GABF in Denver.

The GABF trip also means that my cyber-silence will continue for the next week at least. We'll meet again, but who knows where or when?

[Posted 8:35 pm edt]

7 September 2006
Flim-Flam Man?
Thanks to the alertness of Big Dan Bengel (and who'd have thought I'd ever post those words?), I have learned that The Brewer's Art in Baltimore will host this event next Tuesday, September 12:

Beer aficionado tasting featuring Tom Baker and Peggy Zwerver of the late, lamented Heavyweight Brewery. We will have lots of one-shots and hard-to-get vintage ales of theirs for this special event.
I have to tell you, I'm beginning to wonder if the Heavyweight "closing" is nothing less than the greatest marketing campaign ever, that the evil Baker have dragooned Peggy (surely, she would never take part in any such scheme willingly) into a nefarious campaign to gain attention, sell lots of beer and get some giggles in the process.

I mean, for years there, like the classic Fairy Tale boy crying "Wolf," he kept telling people he was closing but close he never did. Was all that but a set-up for his master plan? Is the clever devil still brewing away up there in Nowheresville, NJ and selling the stuff as "vintage" as fast as he can produce it?

That would be cool, I suppose, but, dammit, I'd feel so used.

[Posted 11:28 am edt]

6 September 2006
Hot Trub.
I have just been asked to revive the long dormant column of that name in American Brewer magazine as of the next issue and have accepted.

"Hot Trub," if you're not familiar with the term, is--as descsribed in Brewing Techniques (November/December 1993)--

the protein precipitate formed during the boil, [which] can impede fermentation and produce undesirable qualities in the finished beer. Simple, effective methods allow professional and home brewers to remove this unwanted by-product.
Although his site appears pretty much quiescent at this point, this guy has a somewhat less elegant description:
the mucky stuff found at the bottom of homebrewers' carboys. Usually consists of flocculated yeast, hop bits, and other spent ingredients of beer. Bless their little souls.
Hmmm. "Undesirable." "Unwanted." Mucky stuff." "Floccu-damned-lated!"

Makes you wonder what my editors think of me, do it not?

In any case, my assignment will be to take a quarterly look at the brewing business scene and to be irreverent, funny, snarky and maybe just a bit cynical about it all.

Geez, what are the chances that a nice guy like me can pull that off?

[Posted 11:59 am edt]

Even a Blind Tiger...
...can find a beer now and then, just not now.

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited opening...or reopening...of the year is both completed and on hold at 281 Bleecker St. (between Seventh Avenue and Jones).

The Blind Tiger, one the Apple's great beer venues, reopened yesterday. It has moved (the result of a lost lease) a few blocks and, as you'll see if you go to the site and then click on the "Newsletter" link, is lookin' good.

Except there's no beer or other alcoholic beverages, pending approval of the liquor license. There's an onsite link to to a petition you can sign urging authorities to get it done already. Go do that right now.

[Posted 10:23 am edt]

4 September 2006
Okay, stop all that damned mulling! You're scaring the livestock.
Anent the posting below, the secret has been revealed. All things come to he who waits, even him.

Go about your business. The holiday weekend is almost over. Don't ya just hate that?

[Posted 2:23 pm edt]

1 September 2006
Something to mull over during the holiday weekend.
So, what award-winning local brewer is leaving his current spot to go to another local brewery? It's a bit of a shocker.

As soon as he calls me with the go-ahead Monday or Tuesday, you'll all know. 'Til then, well, guesses are in order.

Catch up with me and see if I'll tell...

The complete August 2006 postings have been archived here.

[Posted 7:40 pm edt]

Malt does more than Milton can
To justify God's ways to man.

--A. E. Houseman


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